Pepsi Smartly Shifting Ad Dollars Online

Many companies are shifting their marketing structure to accommodate the new buying habits of their current/potential clients.  Instead of spending massive amounts of money with print advertising, on billboards or even direct mail campaigns large companies are taking advantage of their paid or often free avenues of advertisement.  In my research I found this article shocking article about Pepsi not launching any new commercials for the Super Bowl!  Pepsi Smartly Shifting Ad Dollars Online.


Online marketing is easy to track, quickly to implement and has the potential to reach everyone interested in your product if done correctly.  And when you get the leads they are usually pre-qualified because they came looking for you!  Imagine the cost you could save if you shifted just one of your print ads to online.  Imagine the added value you would receive from that shift.  Why not be the one with the feather in your cap for saving your company all that money while increasing the profits, why not put that money into better pockets!