Specimen Transport Bags

New! BluZone™ Specimen Transport BagsNew! BluZone™ Specimen Transport Bags

At The New Bag Company we have developed a superiorBluZone™ specimen transport bag.

What really makes the BluZone special, our bags do not use a weak “Tear” zone area for an optional access to the specimen, which might allow for an unintentional opening and specimen contamination.

We have researched methods generally used for the disposal of Specimen Transport Bags.  After use, they are commonly sent to a facility to be properly disposed of according to guidelines.  Disposal is extremely costly to the laboratory.  However, our bag is designed specially to allow for regular disposal in place of current costly methods. BluZone® bag is made of oxo-Biodegradable film that speeds up degradation process thus creating a lesser impact on the environment.

With the ever expanding Hispanic population, we also saw the importance of translating the instructions into spanish.



Ripline® Specimen Transport Bags

Our premium  specimen transport (Biohazard) bags are used and trusted by medical facilities nationwide.  These bags keep your samples safe with an easy to rip opening feature for quick access by lab personell.  Packed in a convenient tissue-style ZipPouch™ packing bag, these are the affordable Biohazard bag option for laboratories!

Don’t forget!  We can custom produce your bag with additional features such as your company logo or an absorbant pad to protect against accidental spills!