Measuring, Packaging and Information on Custom Re-closable Bags

Whether you have been using them for years or are just now ordering your first set, a custom reclosable bag can take your product’s image from good to great! However, in the process there think about ways you can save when asking for your bottom line quote on that packaging:.


Make sure you measure correctly

When you are checking the dimensions of the reclosable bag you wish to purchase always use the width across the entire bag first and the distance from the zipper to the bottom of the bag, the “usable space” secondly (download the handy measuring diagram here). The space above the zipper is called the “lip”. There are industry standards for the lengths of these, but your particular application may require more or less.


How much package do you really need

I can’t tell you the number of times I have purchased something and been amazed at the amount of extra (unnecessary) packaging used in the delivery of the product. There are hundreds and thousands of lost dollars in mere 1/8” increments, including additional shipping costs for the extra weight. Get your supplier to send you samples of a stock bag that is close to what you think you need and test to see the fit. When it comes to good reclosable bag containment this is not a one size fits all business. Discuss your application with your vendor and ask about a different thickness that might better suit your specific needs. Remember, using extra packaging results in more waste f when your product is gone. Be kind to the environment.


Make sure you plan ahead

Depending on where they are made, what kind of features you are looking for, special packaging you require and other issues, it can take as few as 2 weeks to over 4 months to get your packaging in. You can save yourself money by ordering larger quantities and keeping them on hand at your location. Other money savings is can be found in placing your re-orders early enough so as not to run out of stock. No product means no sales.


How much print do you need

Maybe you have a spectacular logo and you really want to wow folks! But every color you print on your bag costs you extra money per reclosable bag and in plate charges. How about going with a gradient print using one color? It shows your commitment to the environment and still looks great!


Are you adding all the features that you need

Make sure you ask your vendor about the extra features they can add to your reclosable bag. For example, skip the extra cardboard header and add a hang hole centered above the lip (much less expensive). The New Bag Company offers an Oxo-Biodegradable feature that will help speed your bags degradation process should it be discarded. How about printing your instructions on the bag instead of an additional insert?

Taking a little time in advance can save you a ton on the back side. Make sure your vendor is watching out for your interests when they quote you on your custom reclosable bag.